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24/7 Telemedicine with certified doctors

Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunications technology. It enables long-distance patient and doctor interaction, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

  • Our real-time telemedicine makes doctor-patient visits possible at any time and from any location.
  • Our store-and-forward telemedicine makes patient records and medical data more accessible over great distances.
  • Our telemedicine services have greatly sped the transfer of x-rays, CT scans, and other critical images from one medical expert to another.
  • Our remote patient monitoring allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients' health data, typically while the patient is at home.

Lab Home Sampling

Now, get all your medical tests done at your home/office with our home sampling services. No need to suffer and travel long distances with our advanced technology.

  • Our lab home sampling services enable physicians to conduct remote patient monitoring and order blood tests that can be conducted on patient-collected samples.
  • These services are feasible for the patients during the pandemic to stay safe at home for reduced exposure to disease.
  • Our micro-sampling specimens are less painful than venipuncture blood draws and are easier to use than other self-sampling equipment.
  • Our remote blood collection promotes safety for both patients and healthcare providers, reducing the risk of exposure for patients and health workers.

Doctor at Home

Our PMC certified doctors are just a call away. You can get all your check-ups done, prescription’s ready and expert’s advice on a single call. Because your health is our top priority.

  • Our virtual doctors are extremely useful for those suffering from serious illnesses. It allows a patient and their health care practitioner to meet through video or phone.
  • It gives some specialised practitioners an advantage because they can see you in your home environment, allowing for a better assessment.
  • It allows patients to ask more detailed questions, enhancing patients’ satisfaction.
  • It ensures safety through minimal physical touch and saves time for people with hectic schedules.

Health Insurance

We provide aid in the event of hospitalisation for medical treatments, diagnosis, post-surgery care, and emergency medical support. Depending on your plan, it covers medical bills, operations, doctor fees, and other health-related costs.

  • It gives you access to low-cost care and health information to help you stay healthy.
  • It provides you peace of mind and reduces your anxiety because you know you're protected.
  • It gives you access to a vast network of doctors and hospitals to receive a better assessment.
  • There is also an edge of cashless hospitalisation. Your hospital fees will be covered by insurance. As a result, you are not needed to pay high-priced bills.

Expert Doctors

A specialist physician is a doctor who has received further education and training in a specialised area of medicine. After contacting primary care physicians, you will have easy access to our expert doctors for your specific problem.

  • Because our doctors are experts in their professions, they have more resources to detect and treat unusual disorders.
  • Our Specialists are also better educated about potential new therapy choices and other recent advances in the condition.
  • In comparison to general practitioner care, patients receiving specialised care have access for long-term support.
  • Another benefit of specialised care is that specialists can handle life-changing diagnosis better.

Virtual Reception

We make certain that no client calls go unanswered. We answer incoming calls and address basic client needs. These requirements might include appointment scheduling, call routing, or account information. You can obtain contact information for a certain doctor.

  • This procedure is simple enough to educate you on your issue.
  • It will make it easier for you to get to the doctor.
  • You can obtain detailed information on doctors who are appropriate for your specific disease.
  • Instead of going to waiting rooms, you may acquire information directly.

HospitALL Edge


US Doctors







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PKR 1,599
per family/year

IPD includes:
  • Telemedicine
  • Lab Discounts
  • Free Home Sampling
  • Medicine Discount
  • Doctor at Home
  • Second Opinion from US Specialists


Perfect to get started

PKR 1000
per family/year

OPD includes:
  • Hospitalization for any reason
  • Double Daily Benefit for ICU/CCU
  • Covers All Registered Hospitals in Pakistan
  • Max 30 Day Coverage
  • Includes Maternity
  • S1 Year Validity

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